Coriander Flat Leaf Seed Pack


Coriander Seeds

refreshing, feather-like leaf garden herb.
Coriander... Cilantro - is a herb known by a couple of names but one distinct flavour. A short-lived but well-appreciated herb (by most!), Coriander is easy to grow and delivers on flavour, which makes up for its short drop into the party.

Features: Perfect for pots, garden herbs, repels aphids and likes sunlight

Locations: Window box, balconies, containers and garden beds

Effort Level: Looks after itself

Plant Type: Annual

Pot Size: 25 cm

Pet/Baby Safe: Non-toxic

Number of Seeds: 150

Sowing Tips: Sow thinly onto damp but well drained soil and cover. Place in a clear sealed container and keep in a sunny spot until germination.