Dill Diana Seed Pack


refreshing, feather-like leaf garden herb.
Dill ‘Diana’ is a compact, leafy variety with tiny yellow flowers and dark green leaves. This variety is resistant to bolting and adds flavour to dishes through its edible leaves, flowers, and seeds. The seeds are particularly valued for their subtle flavour and are often used in pickling, vinaigrettes, and marinades.

Features: Perfect for pots, garden herbs, repels aphids and likes sunlight

Locations: Window box, balconies, containers and garden beds

Effort Level: Looks after itself

Plant Type: Annual

Pot Size: 25 cm

Pet/Baby Safe: Non-Toxic

Number of Seeds: 800

Sowing Tips: Sow thinly onto damp but well drained soil and cover. Place in a clear sealed container and keep in a sunny spot until germination.