Magnesium Sprulina Bath Salt & Scrub


This ‘Magnesium Spirulina Bath Salt & Scrub’ contains a combination of 3 powerful healing salts: Magnesium Flakes, Dead Sea Salt and Himalayan Pink Salt. Delivering a triple action effect, they soothe, detox and recover your body and skin health during a relaxing bath or in an invigorating shower!

A dry, high magnesium solution that can be enjoyed as a detoxify bath salt or mix with any oil to create revitalised body scrub.

A blend of detoxifying superfood Spirulina Extract and the skin-defensive actives from Bladder Wrack Kelp extract, help to revitalise and optimise your skin, while our natural aromatics, spa-like scent, help you relax and breathe clearly.

Suitable for Vegan.

250 ML | 8.45 FL. OZ