The Quiet Luxury Natural Aromatherapy Candle


 The Quiet Luxury Aromatherapy Candle by Chapter Organics

Moments for: Those that are feeling overwhelmed and anxious and wanting to feel more in control. 

Mind feel: Grounded, focused, still

Key Ingredients: Frankincense, Rose Geranium, Bergamot, Clove and Rosemary

Aroma: Rose, Herbaceous. Woody, Earthy. 

''Its got to be my ultimate favourite. It smells incredible. Woody and sophisticated'' Paula J. 

Your Aromatherapy Candle 

Each candle has 1 wick, keep the wick trimmed every time to 0.5mm for the perfect burn, ensure you always let the wax reach the edge of the jar. Burn time depends on usage. Burn for around 2-3 hours, maximum of 4. 

Weight: 300g

Wax: UK made and manufactured biodegradable soy wax 

Fragrance: Pure therapeutic grade essential oils.